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For every individual and organization, there’s an opportunity to increase output and efficiency while also raising awareness and enhancing well-being.  We believe this dynamic balance creates sustainable, lasting change.

Our Services

Executive Coaching

The executive coach is in a unique position to have unbiased, objective conversations with senior leaders to explore ways they can grow and be more effective. An executive coach is similar to a “business therapist,” and while there is overlap between therapy and coaching, there are also distinct differences. 

First, a coach develops a strategy with their client to achieve a specific objective. Then, they examine all the factors that either advance or hinder performance toward that outcome. Over time, the client identifies their strengths and weaknesses and develops the skills to anticipate situations that would have otherwise derailed them. A gifted coach sees the client’s highest potential and knows how and when to challenge them to actualize it. A coach supports clients in achieving their objectives and performing at their best; and also unlocks possibilities, opportunities, and perspectives beyond the initial scope of work. 

One of our favorite quotes about the role of a coach comes from the revered organizational psychologist Adam Grant: 

“Mentors dole out words of wisdom. Coaches roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. They don’t just believe in our potential; they get in the arena to help us realize our potential. They help us see our blind spots and work through our sore spots. They take responsibility for making us better without taking credit for our accomplishments.”

Leadership Coaching

As a leader, it can be challenging to know when it’s time to lead and when it’s time to learn. A leadership coach offers a balanced approach, creating a safe space for the client to grow, as well as challenging them to become more effective in their leadership by aligning their vision with action. Each person carries a unique equation for becoming a leader and serving in an authentic way. 

As we grow into becoming leaders, we develop our own unique formula and receive feedback as to whether our leadership is effective and aligned with our values and intended outcomes. This feedback comes from outside sources, such as our team, and inside sources, such as the inner voice that can be our biggest critic or our biggest champion. Both affect our performance, and aligning these inner and outer worlds increases our capacity to be potent, dynamic leaders.

Great leaders are strong yet agile, and that agility requires vulnerability. Cultivating honesty, self-awareness, and vulnerability with a trustworthy guide can create powerful transformation and have a tremendous return — both personally and professionally. 

360 Reviews

One of the biggest factors in an individual’s performance is how they interact with their surrounding system or team. 360 reviews, also known as “leadership assessments,” give leaders a comprehensive view of themselves and their performance from the perspective of those who work closely with them and know them best. Far beyond “gathering feedback,” the 360 interviews we conduct are designed to be a positive experience for both the client and the participants. The participants are empowered to connect with the client’s vision and be part of the journey toward the desired outcome. 

These interviews are an opportunity to understand outside perspectives, develop a deeper connection in relationships, and reveal the most efficient solutions to reach the intended goal. The result of this assessment is greater awareness about the perceptions and experiences of the team and clarity about how the whole system can be more effective.

Visualization and Meditation

One of the patterns that can limit a client’s success is a fixation on a particular thought, memory, or perceived situation that is not serving them to reach their goal(s). These behaviors often occur during times of acute stress and can trigger the sympathetic nervous system, which activates the fight-flight-or-freeze response. In this heightened state, there is a depletion of energy, an increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol, and a loss of focus. 

One of the most effective ways to interrupt negative thinking is by using visualization and meditation techniques. Just as an athlete visualizes success in their sport, the same can be done for personal and business goals. Listening to a customized immersive meditation supports the client by activating the subconscious mind, where real change occurs, calming the mind and body by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, and developing new neural pathways.  

With consistent practice over time, the benefits of meditation and visualization are exponential.  The results include stress reduction, improved decision making, improved heart and brain function, better focus, and more resilience, among many others.


Imagine your whole team stepping outside of its daily routine and into a unique, expansive, innovative experience. Our workshops are custom-designed immersions with the participants and their goals in mind. Rather than a “one size fits all approach,” our coaching team creates workshops based on a combination of the client’s and team’s needs and their unique environment. Our workshops bring together elements of group coaching, like-minded connections, and playful, imaginative activities. The goal is for participants to walk away with a sense of physical and mental strength, clear direction, purpose, and fulfillment.

Anxiety & Stress Management

Many of our clients reach out because stress is negatively impacting their personal and professional life and they are seeking solutions. Supporting clients in overcoming stress and increasing awareness of their desired state is one of the cornerstones of our work at Ethr. Our skilled team shifts clients from a place of discomfort into a state of ease, and we support the client in learning how to respond to stress differently and find new ways to “use” stress to their advantage.

Custom Solutions

The coaching world is vast, and there are an infinite number of ways this process can be applied to your company or organization. Ethr offers a variety of custom solutions to serve your unique needs. From group and team coaching to leadership intensives to executive retreats, we’ll work with you to develop a program that fits your unique needs and desired results.

Exceptional people, exceptional work, exceptional outcomes.

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