Restore + Expand

Ethr Community Retreat

March 23 – 26, 2023 | Topanga, CA

Restore + Expand Retreat

Step into a higher version of yourself through the harmony of nature’s magic, the support of an inspired community, and the science of personal development.

Through Ethr’s conscious creation of a transformative environment, facilitated by our team of executive coaches and experts, you can expect to experience a paradigm shift that will propel your mind, body, and spirit.

Join us as we celebrate Spring and the turning of the seasons. This is a potent time to take a pause, and plant seeds that will blossom throughout the year ahead. The Restore + Expand Retreat is designed to support you in developing your relationship with your life mission and purpose.

This retreat provides a spacious and supportive environment for you to explore your values and aspirations, and create meaningful insights into overcoming the personal obstacles that are getting in the way of your dreams becoming your reality.

Our private retreat property is tucked away in the Santa Monica mountains. The pristine nature is complimented by a jacuzzi, sauna, yoga pavilion, and 10 acres of spacious land to support rejuvenation, reflection, and deep connection with yourself and others.

This is a rare opportunity to combine inner work, play, and celebration of all you’ve accomplished to get to this point, and all that’s yet to come.

4 Days, 3 Night Immersive Experience


Stunning land to help you disconnect and recharge. Enjoy awe-inspiring views and meandering paths, oak trees, and gardens nestled atop the mountains of Topanga.

Mindfulness & Movement

Daily mindfulness and movement practices such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork help you restore, recalibrate, open, and align.

Experiential Learning

Interactive small and large group workshops, discussions, and coaching with constant opportunity for participation.

1x1 Coaching

Book a coaching session with any of our coaches during the retreat for one-on-one focused support.


Experience the power of exponential community within a container of peers who are passionate about personal work and shared experiences.

Alignment & Clarity

Your comprehensive development plan is designed to cultivate clarity, vision, and energy for your path forward.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for purpose-driven leaders who are investing in themselves and are ready to step into higher alignment with their calling. If you are interested in delving deeper into self-exploration alongside a community of peers who are equally committed to their personal path and the realization of their highest potential, then this retreat is for you.

Whether you are searching for clarity, trying to get out of your own way, yearning for inspiration, or all of the above, you are in the right place. We invite you to bring your most authentic self and come exactly as you are. Bring all your fears and limiting beliefs, and let them be known. There is nothing to hide. There is no level of success you need to have reached to be here.

Ethr is built on the idea that there will always be someone further ahead than you, and others who are just behind. We all have something to learn from one another.

Tour the Property

What to expect

Intake — Leading up to the retreat, you will complete an intake form and 1×1 Zoom interview with one of our facilitators. The purpose of the intake process is to give you the opportunity to get clear on your WHY for coming to this retreat and to identify what it is you feel you need from this experience.

The Process — through a series of peer and facilitator-supported workshops and discussions, embodiment practices, and prompts for personal reflection and introspection, you will be supported through a progressive process to create personal clarity, depth, conviction, confidence, and readiness to step fully into the highest expression for your life and work.

Guidance — Our facilitation team of coaches and practitioners will be intentionally guiding you through courageous moments to step more fully into being seen and using your voice to claim what you most desire for your life.

Peer support — Every attendee of this retreat has been intentionally invited because they’ve demonstrated a high level of commitment to working on themselves and living a purpose-driven life. You will be amongst a community of peers who value inner work, the power of exponential community, and consistent dedication to elevating their vision for their life and the impact they can have on the lives of others.

Elevated container — the energy and passion of those attending this retreat is going to be HIGH. You’ll feel it as soon as you arrive. From the people to the food to the land, to the many expansive workshops and exercises — every detail in the container of this retreat is intended to amplify and uplift what’s possible in your life.

Meet the Facilitators

Ethr’s team comes from diverse professional backgrounds, each having spent many years building and working with high-performing teams and leaders. From those in the early stages of building their career or business, to CEOs of public companies, our team has extensive experience supporting individuals at all stages of life and career development.

Julian Gonzalez-Becerra

Julian is a transformational coach who guides high-performing entrepreneurs toward discovering their life’s highest calling and aligning their priorities with that vision. He leads retreats and transformative workshops that catalyze exponential growth. He uses modalities rooted in Gestalt theory and NLP Parts Work as well as various other techniques he has acquired from the last decade of personal development to help the business leaders he serves to achieve higher states of fulfillment and freedom in their lives.

Rana Wilson

Rana is a CPA, Conscious Money Guide, and spiritual practitioner. She helps clients undue the conditioning they have developed around money – that you must push, control, manipulate and compete in order to have what you desire. Rana’s work creates a new foundation to recalibrate your nervous system and allow you to experience the life you truly desire with effortless ease.

Danny Wildman

Danny has always been fascinated with human development and passionate about helping people make meaningful shifts towards becoming the best versions of themselves. His previous positions in software, entertainment, sports performance and addiction treatment have enabled him to formulate a unique and holistic perspective on personal growth and achievement. His clients range from C-Suite executives to former professional athletes and leaders in entertainment, technology, and venture capital industries, among others.

Kenny Borg

Kenny is a CEO, executive coach, advisor, and student of human potential development. He works with founders and entrepreneurs, and senior leaders to deepen the richness of their experience within complex environments, helping them become more resilient and empathetic leaders. Kenny Co-Founded Ethr in 2020 with a mission to align high-impact leaders with coaching, community, and resources to accelerate the realization of their potential and impact.

Jena Booher, Ph.D

Jena is a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach & Social Scientist, and and trusted advisor to high-growth companies across the country. She is deeply passionate about her work and has enjoyed many roles that have offered her an opportunity to be both an expert in business and organizational psychology. Jena partners with founders, executives, leadership teams, and employees to create an organizational architecture that’s aligned with their business plan.

Jena Booher, Ph.D

Jena is a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach & Social Scientist, and and trusted advisor to high-growth companies across the country. She is deeply passionate about her work and has enjoyed many roles that have offered her an opportunity to be both an expert in business and organizational psychology. Jena partners with founders, executives, leadership teams, and employees to create an organizational architecture that’s aligned with their business plan.

What’s different about Ethr Retreats?

Expert Facilitators — Ethr’s coaches and practitioners bring decades of collective experience in the domains of leadership, executive coaching, life coaching, personal development, organizational and team development, psychology, money & finance, wellness, embodiment, spirituality, and lifestyle design. Our team of facilitators is well-equipped to guide and support you in your journey.

This retreat is designed uniquely for you — through a personalized pre-retreat intake process, we build the retreat experience around the specific needs of the individuals attending the event.

Complete mind + body + spirit experience — Everyone’s path to insight is different, and it isn’t linear. We utilize a thoughtfully-timed blend of modalities, including mindfulness, movement, communication, experiential learning, and human connection, to foster the conditions for profound insight to occur.

THE PEOPLE —We believe that the collective presence of like-minded peers within a group setting is incredibly powerful in supporting and amplifying the unique experiences of each person. Through such an environment, we can connect with others who share our commitment to personal growth and the work they do in the world, learn from each other, see more of ourselves in one another, and create lasting and meaningful connections that extend beyond the retreat.

Book Now — Choose Your Accommodations

*Room pairings will be same-gender unless you request to share with a friend or partner

*Nonbionary friends, please let us know your lodging preference 

*Payment plan available at checkout: 50% deposit, remaining balance due 3/15

[MEN ONLY] La Casa Loft – Single Bunk (6 guests per room) – $2,200

Twin bed, shared bathroom (indoor)

[WOMEN ONLY] La Casa Triple Room (3 guests per room) – $2,400

Twin bed, shared bathroom (indoor)

Double Rooms (2 guests per room) – $2,550

Twin bed, shared bathroom (indoor)

Shared A-Frame Cabins (2 guests per cabin) – $2,650

Twin bed, shared bathroom (outdoor)

Tea House Private Room (1 guest per room) – $3,400

Twin bed, shared bathroom (outdoor)

Private A-Frame Cabin (1 guest per cabin) – $3,600

Twin bed, shared bathroom (outdoor)

Private Master Bedroom (1 or 2 guests)

$4,800 for 1 guest, $3,600 each for 2 guests

King bed, private bathroom

Bring a friend

Do you know someone else who would greatly benefit from doing their personal work within an intentional retreat container with a highly motivated and inspired community of leaders and doers? Invite them to book a call with our team. If it’s a fit, when they book their retreat we’ll give you a $500 discount on your cost to attend. If you’ve already paid, we’ll refund you the discount amount.

If you’d like to talk to our team before deciding on this retreat for yourself, click the link below to schedule a call and explore whether it’s a fit for you.

General Information & FAQ


The event is all-inclusive and all-encompassing.  Your retreat purchase is for the Ethr | Restore + Expand experience in its entirety:

Your stay in one of the shared or private rooms and cabins, 3 daily meals, all non-alcoholic beverages (this is an alcohol-free event), gratuities, and all programming & activities.

  • Massages will be available at the retreat. Treatments can be booked on-site or in advance by emailing
  • *Please bring cash for any additional gratuities for massage services

You are responsible for your round trip transportation to and from the location, however once you arrive, everything is taken care of for you within the scope of the event.  Additionally,  you will have access to a personal liaison to facilitate your travel needs and answer any questions to make your journey with us as smooth as possible.



Ethr Restore + Expand is a private event and is accessible ONLY to those who purchase the package. If you would like to invite a friend to join us, please share the link to this event page.


All Retreat purchases are final and non-refundable. Under some circumstances, a retreat purchase may be transferable to someone else within the community.


Ethr Restore + Expand is rain or shine and will be magical. In the unlikely event of a forced cancellation due to factors beyond our reasonable control (force majeure event), a full and complete refund of your retreat purchase will be issued immediately.


The property is located in the mountains and away from the city. There is usually cell service, although often spotty. WiFi will be available, however, we encourage guests to refrain from using their phones during the retreat unless there is an emergency situation.


We will request information regarding your dietary restrictions and preferences prior to the event. If you have a food allergy that could result in hospitalization, please reach out let us know right way at

  • This is a private property located at the end of a narrow private road. Absolutely no on-street parking. All cars must park on-site.
  • Available parking is limited, therefore, we encourage as many guests to carpool as possible. Our team will reach out to coordinate a parking plan based on your travel plans in advance of the event.
  • Please drive extremely slowly when entering and departing the neighborhood.
  • No in/out permitted once arrived at the property, except in an emergency.

Our event takes place during an optimal time of year in Topanga. Insect repellents should not be necessary, but we will provide them on-site just in case.


Pets are not allowed on the property for the duration of our event.

Travel Planning


As with every Ethr event, this journey is immersive and we request that everyone arrives and leaves together. Please do not attend the event if you are unable to be present from 4pm on Thursday, 3/23 until 10pm Saturday, 3/25. Breakfast will be served Sunday morning, however you are free to depart at any time before 12:00 PM on Sunday, 3/26.


Check-in opens at 4:00 PM on Thursday, March 23rd

Check-out is at 12:00 PM on Sunday, March 26th


It is recommended that you bring any typical medications for travel, as the closest pharmacy is a 20 minute drive. In case of medical attention, HABITAS has access to an on-call doctor.


Ethr is not requiring testing for this event. If you are feeling unwell in the days leading up to the event, please do not attend. Ethr abides by all regulated measures in terms of safety and cleanliness. It should be noted that all shared spaces are in an open environment with fresh air.



All bathrooms besides the private master bedroom will be shared with other guests. Some of the bathrooms in the houses will be shared by more than 2 guests. Everyone attending is free to use the outdoor bathrooms/showers near the yoga studio in case of high traffic in the bathroom nearest their room.

  • Yoga Mat (not needed if traveling by air. We will provide you a mat in that case).
  • Bathing suit
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. Filtered water stations are available throughout the property. There is a water station located in the main house kitchen, guest house, and bath house near the yoga studio. Please refill your water bottles at these locations and reserve the big filtered water jugs located on the patio and bar area for smaller cups.
  • All indoor spaces are designated as no shoe zones. We highly recommend comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on and off.
  • Please bring your own spa and pool towels if you plan to use our outdoor amenities. Please do not use the white bath towels from the rooms outdoors.
  • Pack and dress in layers. Temperatures can change quickly in the canyon. The climate can change from morning hours through to the evening, At this property we usually see cool, foggy mornings; warm, sunny afternoons; and chilly evenings.
  • Do bring toiletries such as shampoo and soaps, and other items such as sunblock, bug spray and medications.
  • A headlamp or flashlight is very highly recommended for everyone, especially if you are staying in an A-Frame cabin.