Transformational Coach, Conscious Money Guide, & CPA

Rana Wilson

As an accomplished CPA and spiritual practitioner, Rana possesses unique insight into two distinct worlds each of which hold different wisdom. For years Rana kept these sides of her life separate; it was not until she integrated both parts that she began to experience true freedom and greater material wealth. Harmonizing intellect and intuition, and the energetic and material worlds becomes the most practical thing one can do. Historically great artists, mystics and elite business professionals have embraced all wisdom available to them, allowing them to experience true inner and outer riches. These methods are not meant for a few, but for all.

Rana’s clients include individuals and couples who have already amassed vast amounts of financial wealth as well as those that desire to have more. Regardless of their net worth, all of Rana’s clients are seeking is to experience greater freedom, fulfillment, and happiness in their relationship with money and the world.

The transformation happens through working with Rana’s Four Pillars of Prosperity:

· Purification – looking at limiting beliefs and tension held around money

· Integrity – setting up structures and systems that work for you

· Alignment- consciously creating what you truly desire

· Attunement – connecting to your inner wealth

Rana helps you undue the conditioning you have developed around money – that you must push, control, manipulate and compete in order to have what you desire. Through working with each pillar, a new foundation is created, and your nervous system is recalibrated, allowing you to experience the life you truly desire with effortless ease.

This is Conscious Money, Rana’s greatest joy and life’s work. It is her pleasure to guide you there.

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