Former Public Company CEO & Coach

Noah Abelson-Gertler

From his cofounder’s garage in Berkeley California to board rooms in Hong Kong as the CEO of a public company, Noah has experienced the ups and downs of many of the stages of the journey you are on.

As a coach, Noah stands beside you as a supportive, empathic, and energizing collaborator to partner with you to drive the improvements you want to make and achieve the goals you have in front of you.

As a founder and CEO Noah has the experience of:

  • Acquiring businesses
  • Going public
  • Hiring, downsizing
  • Building and growing a team
  • Pivoting direction
  • Raising capital (+10 times)
  • Establishing international supply chains
  • Participating in an accelerator program

Each founder has a different story and Noah draws on his background to empathically connect with your experience, and empower you to be the leader you want to, and know, you can be.

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