Executive & Life Coach

Kristin Taylor, M.A.

Kristin brings over twenty years of clinical and coaching experience to her clients.

Kristin is the first to admit that she coaches others on issues that she most needed to heal in her own life. Anxiety, self-doubt and “amygdala hijacks” (thank you Dr. Daniel Goleman for coining this term!) were unwelcome visitors in her life starting in childhood, and extending into her early career.

Her career began as a therapist having earned her master’s degree in counseling psychology in 1997. In 2007, she transitioned from counseling to coaching where her approach to personal growth, professional development and transformation was greatly influenced by her counseling background and indeed, her own healing journey. Kristin’s approach is a balance of intuition and intellect and her clientele has ranged from college students and artists to executives and CEOs. With a soft voice but a firm conviction, Kristin supports others in activating their life’s purpose with greater resilience and courage as they become unshackled from unwarranted self-doubt. Her approach represents a powerful combination of psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience and relies heavily upon practicing gratitude and self-compassion. Her areas of expertise include;

· Mindfulness
· Emotional Regulation
· Emotional Intelligence
· Stress Resilience (nervous system regulation)
· Authentic Leadership & Conflict Resolution
· Updating Personal Narratives (shifting from “playing not to lose” to playing to succeed)
· Liberation from “Imposterism”(unwarranted self-doubt)

Kristin has authored two books on emotional resilience that are currently taught on college campuses across the nation reMIND and The Basics and is the host of the podcast “How I Made It Through”.

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