6-month Group Container For Coaches

Digital program launching the first week of April, ending in September

Join Ethr’s group container for coaches to revolutionize your practice and accelerate your business into the next chapter of your career. This program is designed to help you: 


  • Elevate your practice as a coach
  • Learn from other experienced coaches
  • Serve your clients in receiving more powerful insights
  • Increase your coaching fees and income
  • Be accountable to the results you desire for your business
  • Establish your own network of coaching peers
  • Experience the power of community to help grow your business

As coaches, we are in the business of enabling our clients to live and work at their highest level, and it’s important that we invest in our own work as well. We have found that one of the best ways to grow our business while cultivating a deeper sense of fulfillment and longevity for our craft is through community and group containers. 

Group work pushes us in ways we can’t achieve alone or in a one-to-one setting. Shifts occur when we share vulnerably within the space of a group, which is not only edgy and requires courage, but ultimately is incredibly rewarding and pays massive dividends. While feedback and crosstalk can be intimidating, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment focused on support, learning, and growth. Collectively, we can hold ourselves accountable to achieving the goals we set out to achieve, provide insights and shared experiences that have proven to be transformative, and put into action the plan to build the business of our dreams.

Who’s this program for?

This invite-only program is for coaches who have an active practice, and who are deeply committed to coaching as a career path and lifestyle. By joining this program, you will be part of the 2nd cohort of coaches to join our community. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of Ethr at a foundational level, ahead of many years of expansion to come. This program is for you if:

  1. You’re ready to break through your blocks as a coach
  2. You’re ready to create more clients with confidence
  3. You’re ready to receive feedback and peer-support from other established coaches
  4. You’re ready to learn and expand in the business side of coaching

Over the course of the 6 months we will explore the following:

  1. Enrolling the ideal clients in the coaching practice you know you’re capable of building
  2. Handling imposter syndrome and supporting highly successful clients
  3. Setting clear financial goals and holding others accountable by providing peer support
  4. Uncover best practices from other top-tiered coaches
  5. Explore new modalities that are not typically offered in traditional coaching programs
  6. Explore your personal leadership style, and how it shows up in a group of your peers
  7. Remedial vs. Transformational coaching
  8. Address and discuss issues specific to clients
  9. Ways to improve your fulfillment of the work
  10. Obstacles – personal and professional – that impact your goals
  11. Gain insights on how to conduct group calls of your own

What’s included in the program

  • 1 Group meeting (Zoom) per month (1.5 hours) – all participants (maximum 12)
  • 1 Coach-facilitated pod meeting per month (1 hour Zoom; 2-5 participants)
  • 3-part workshop series | Introduction to Internal Family Systems and how to apply it in your coaching practice, led by Dr. Jena Booher.
  • Participate in Ethr’s client referral ecosystem
  • Access to online community platform where you can ask real-time questions and get support on client/business situations as they arise
  • Free access to other Ethr guest speakers and workshops
  • Invitations to in-person coach meet-ups and Ethr community events

Meet the Facilitators

This program will be predominantly led by Danny Wildman, Kenny Borg, Julian Gonzalez-Becerra and Rana Wilson, with ancillary material and workshops guided by Master Coaches Hanna Phillips, and Jena Booher, Ph.D.

Julian Gonzalez-Becerra

Julian is a transformational coach who guides high-performing entrepreneurs toward discovering their life’s highest calling and aligning their priorities with that vision. He leads retreats and transformative workshops that catalyze exponential growth. He uses modalities rooted in Gestalt theory and NLP Parts Work as well as various other techniques he has acquired from the last decade of personal development to help the business leaders he serves to achieve higher states of fulfillment and freedom in their lives.

Rana Wilson

Rana is a CPA, Conscious Money Guide, and spiritual practitioner. She helps clients undue the conditioning they have developed around money – that you must push, control, manipulate and compete in order to have what you desire. Rana’s work creates a new foundation to recalibrate your nervous system and allow you to experience the life you truly desire with effortless ease.

Danny Wildman

Danny has always been fascinated with human development and passionate about helping people make meaningful shifts towards becoming the best versions of themselves. His previous positions in software, entertainment, sports performance and addiction treatment have enabled him to formulate a unique and holistic perspective on personal growth and achievement. His clients range from C-Suite executives to former professional athletes and leaders in entertainment, technology, and venture capital industries, among others.

Kenny Borg

Kenny is a CEO, executive coach, advisor, and student of human potential development. He works with founders and entrepreneurs, and senior leaders to deepen the richness of their experience within complex environments, helping them become more resilient and empathetic leaders. Kenny Co-Founded Ethr in 2020 with a mission to align high-impact leaders with coaching, community, and resources to accelerate the realization of their potential and impact.

Jena Booher, Ph.D

Jena is a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach & Social Scientist, and and trusted advisor to high-growth companies across the country. She is deeply passionate about her work and has enjoyed many roles that have offered her an opportunity to be both an expert in business and organizational psychology. Jena partners with founders, executives, leadership teams, and employees to create an organizational architecture that’s aligned with their business plan.

Hanna Phillips

Hanna has spent her career focused on building and developing people and teams. Most recently, with The Google School for Leaders, in addition to Executive Coaching, she managed workshops focused on helping Google’s most senior executives develop better self-awareness, understand how they’re perceived by others, and gain clarity on how we adults evolve. Hanna believes this awareness can allow us to become more choiceful about how we show up and that simple shift can alter our success and how we experience our world.

Our team has designed this program based on the curriculum and learnings we spent the last 1.5 years going through ourselves.

The result: We’ve elevated our income and our coaching practices, we’re showing up more powerfully as coaches, and we’re coaching more of the clients we really want to be coaching.

We support each other. Whether it be client referrals, on-call workshopping of a client situation, or sharing tools and resources for how to manage the client relationship most effectually.

Join an incredible network of peers, talented coaches, and innovative thinkers in the field. Together we are sharing in the journey of building thriving coaching practices in the rapidly expanding personal & professional development market that’s expected to grow to $67 Billion by 2030 (Grand View Research).

Enroll Now — 6-Month Group Container For Coaches

Elevate your coaching practice • Break through your blocks • Increase your income and impact • Learn and grow in community

  • The program beings the first week of April, and ends in September 2023.
  • Enrollment will be open for the first 60 days of the program. Enrollment closes July 1.
  • Once enrolled, our team will work with the group to identify the best monthly meeting time.

Ethr 6-Month Group Container For Coaches – $3,750

Option to split payment over 3 months ($1,250 per month)