Our Vision

Coaching is a gateway to opportunity. The work we do within ourselves deepens the impact we have on all areas of life — personally, professionally, and globally. As we move beyond our own limiting beliefs, develop new ways of thinking, and cultivate a life of meaning, we unlock the potential for others to do the same.

“All highly developed, fully actualized people understand the importance of exploring their talents. Uncovering their personal purpose, and then applying their human gifts is the direction of this calling.”Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Ethr’s mission is to make impactful coaching accessible and approachable for anyone ready to step into personal and professional development. Our team has identified common themes — that transcend age, location, industry, role, and experience level — underlying the issues most people are facing in our modern world. They relate to one’s personal understanding of their journey, and the intentionality with which they travel their unique path.

Our coaching methodology draws upon our collective experience and knowledge of neuroscience, elite sports performance, executive management, and organizational systems. There’s an undeniable correlation between professional accomplishment and personal well-being. As such, we approach our work holistically — considering the optimal physical, mental, and social health of our clients.

We differentiate ourselves by combining a wide range of services — from personal and executive coaching to feedback management to nutrition — and creating custom programs tailored to each individual’s and organization’s needs.

Whether you’ve worked with a coach before or coaching is entirely new to you, at Ethr you will find a community of grounded, connected, and inspiring individuals who are making a profound impact on their world.

Danny Wildman
Founder & Coach

Kenny Borg
Founder & Coach