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For the entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders who are changing the way we work and live.

You’ve achieved levels of success or mastery, but something’s missing. What it is and how to change it isn’t clear. Ethr is here to co-create and actualize your highest vision and most authentic self so you can flourish in all that you do.

Welcome to Ethr. We are a coaching company and community thriving at the intersection of personal and professional growth, transformational experiences, impactful community expansion, and continuous learning in human potential.


Coaching creates a safe space for leaders to grow, and challenges you to become more effective by aligning their vision with action. An Ethr coach will serve as your partner in uncovering what’s getting in the way of what you want. Together, we’ll create a plan and turn it into reality.


The Ethr community is a global network of Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and inspiring professionals with a shared passion for developing themselves and cultivating a more balanced and integrated way of being. Together, we are redefining how we live and work.

Retreats & Experiences

Ethr retreats and experiences are an opportunity to do deep inner work and critical skill-building among a community of like-minded peers.


Community Retreat for Coaches

January 2023

Ethr Community Retreat for Coaches has been designed to support emerging and experienced coaches who want to further develop and evolve their skills, and elevate their vision in their calling to serve others.

Community Retreat for Leaders and Change-makers

March 2023

Ethr’s Community Retreat for Leaders and Change-makers is for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, and Visionaries looking to deepen their capacity and step more fully into their authentic leadership. Join the Ethr community as we cultivate more depth and heart leadership, and elevate our visions together.

Conscious Money

Soulful guidance to awaken you to your true prosperity and create a holistic financial plan.

Our Coaches


Working with Danny was one of the best decisions I made while at a crossroads along my career path. As I embarked on a journey to figure out what I wanted to do next, Danny helped me rediscover my passions and clearly define my goals and what drives me. His coaching was invaluable as I interviewed with some of thef hottest tech and media companies in the Los Angeles area. Our sessions together left me feeling empowered, grounded and energized. After just a few short months, Danny coached me into a new job that genuinely excites me beyond belief. I could not recommend Ethr more!

Stacy Curtain
Senior Producer, SpaceX

Working with Hannah and Kenny, I was able to address my perceptions and beliefs about the situation at the time. These conversations helped me navigate a difficult situation with management, and ultimately I decided to pursue a transition to a new company. With the help of my coaches, I was able to find the right fit for me and my transition was a success.

Yazan Daas
Senior Technical Program Manager, Google

Before coaching with Danny, I’d hit a wall. After two years of running my company, I felt too burnt out to get over the next hurdle; I didn’t even know what that hurdle was. I thought my challenges were primarily work-related, but that wasn’t true. I’d read all the books, I knew all the strategies, but I wasn’t thriving. I was barely enjoying the experience. Through coaching, I wanted to become the best founder I could be, and I wanted to truly enjoy the experience again. During the year we worked together, I achieved more financially and personally than I could have imagined. And I’m enjoying the work more than I ever thought was possible. When it comes to my own growth as a CEO, working with Danny is the best decision I have ever made.

Bailey Farren
CEO, Perimeter Platform

Through my work with Julian I have become significantly more grounded, present, rested, and confident. I am living as the most congruent, present version of myself. I have shifted my mindset to see the world through a more expansive point of view. My belief in myself, and in others has been transformed. In our work together I have achieved goals ranging from a promotion to Vice President at a high-growth charitable fundraising startup, to a regular mindfulness habit consisting of yoga, breathwork, and meditation, to starting my own consulting and coaching business focused on supporting products and leaders to dream expansively and deliver on unreasonable big goals…Coaching offers a rare opportunity to transform your relationship with yourself and your external world in unfathomable ways. I am confident it’ll be one of the most important and profound decisions I will have made in my life.

Eric Lodge
VP of Product Management, Cameo

My advice to someone who is considering coaching is start now! Don’t wait. Invest in yourself and you will see a return in meaningful ways you never expected. Kenny created a truly safe and sacred time each session for us to put in amazing work together. I have since achieved a far better work/life balance, taken more time for myself, and am finding more purpose day in and day out.

Dave Schwarz
SVP & General Manager, Dataprise

The growth I achieved with Kenny was beyond anything I imagined. He was more than a coach.. He was a friend and a guide through some of my most transformational and turbulent periods of my life. I recognized that my ‘lack of confidence’ was because I was living a life out of integrity. I was repressing my intuition. I was not listening to my inner compass or my inner-knowing. Kenny held the space for me to discover and uncover truths about my way of being. I am now able to tune into my body, my intuition and make decisions (rather quickly) with confidence. I am connecting with more and more people on this journey and I am slowly finding spaces of alignment, of inspiration, and of beauty… “Coaching will change your life. It will change your relationships, your career, and your connection with yourself. It will open up your mind and your heart in ways you didn’t think were possible. 

Amanda Marino
COO, Seed Club

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